UNITED SUPPLIES Document Storage Aberdeen

Bonded Warehousing Division

The Division

United Supplies owns and operates the sole multi user Customs and Excise Bonded Warehouse in Aberdeen.

The Company has over 45 years experience in operating this business, which provides the facilities to allow its customers to store, without incurring duty and other taxes, alcohol products such as fine wine, vintage port, casks and cases of whisky and other spirits. Cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products can also be held in the same manner.

Customs and Excise

Excise duty and vat is thereby deferred until these products are finally removed from these premises into free circulation. This can result in these charges being deferred for many years, until the product is ready for consumption or resale. Products which are exported from the premises may avoid duty completely.

Being under Customs and Excise control and approval, total accuracy and strict security is a non-negotiable prerequisite of the Company's systems and staff training.

Dedicated Computer System

Accordingly, proven experience, first class state of the art computer systems and strict procedures in managing bonded stock ensures absolute accuracy and speed of response to meet its customers' requirements.

All Customs and Excise returns, documentation, paperwork and communications are transacted on a dedicated Customs and Excise approved computer system.

Apart from ensuring accuracy and strict compliance with the complicated Customs and Excise requirements, it ensures that the customer's needs are met with the greatest possible speed, along with the customer having the comfort of knowing that all legal requirements have been completed.


Movements can be made at very short notice and customers can also view their account and stock details at any time.

The Company's aim is to provide storage and management facilities for small and large customers alike, at competitive rates, by the case, pallet or area occupied, within a safe and controlled environment.